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Adamastar Limited New Zealand

Sep 7

Adamastar was conceived by two gemmologists, Bill Palmer & Ron Park who have been appraisers for many years running a successful appraisal laboratory in Auckland. Both are Graduate Gemmologists from the Gemological Institute of America, the premier college whose grading nomenclature is accepted as the universal standard by most of the world’s gemmologists. It has been less than 5-6 years since lab-grown diamonds entered the diamond market after many years of development to achieve a man-made, gem-quality diamond. Previously the process could not achieve the required level of colour, and clarity needed to compete with earth-mined diamonds. Once this milestone was reached, a seismic shift occurred in the diamond industry. The traditional earth mined industry has tried to denigrate what is a real threat to their dominance by trying to say earth mined is better and more ‘natural’ than lab-grown diamonds. Both claims are wrong because lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same and as for being ‘natural’, the FTC in America, (America’s equivalent to our Commerce Commission), has said that earth mined diamond sellers cannot use the term ‘natural’ to differentiate them from lab-grown diamonds as they are essentially the same thing so one can’t be termed more ‘natural’ than the other. Adamastar believes lab-grown diamonds are the future as they tick all the boxes, being more sustainable, more ethical, more environmentally friendly to the planet in their manufacture, and best of all up to 50% less to buy.

Adamastar Ltd
Atrium on Tukutai, Generator Offices 11, Britomart Place, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
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