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What are the 2 types of diamonds?

Sep 15

Basically, there are two types of diamonds, Type 1a or Type 2a. 98% of the earth-mined diamonds are Type 1a. Type 2a are much rarer as they are a purer Diamond. Only 2% of earth-mined diamonds fall into this superior, most sought after and prized category. (Type 2a earth-mined diamonds never make it to a jeweller’s shop as they are snatched up by those at the top of the diamond industry for celebrities and royalty due to their rarity and steep price). Lab grown diamonds are ALL Type 2a. This makes our diamonds whiter, brighter, and stronger than most mined diamonds. The purity of lab grown diamonds also means they have high electrical and thermal conductivity, causing a problem for unwary jewellers who might test with a standard diamond tester which will give a false reading.  Since earth mined and lab grown diamonds are the same, this makes it almost impossible to separate one from the other. However, we can test them for the different types, and if it is a Type 2a diamond, that allows us to be almost 100% sure it is a Laboratory Grown Diamond. It wouldn’t be sensible to try to sell a Type 2a earth mined as a Type 2a lab grown, and get a lower price, when it could be sold for more.

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