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Traps When Buying From Overseas. Fracture Filled And Laser Drilled Diamonds

Sep 22


Do you know that it is not uncommon to ‘fracture fill’ or ‘laser drill’ a diamond to improve its clarity? Sometimes a supplier will fill a surface reaching inclusion and fill it with glass making the inclusion almost disappear or sometimes they may laser drill a tiny hole into the diamonds and inject a bleach to lighten a dark inclusion and make it appear lighter. To date no lab grown diamonds have ever been subjected to these potentially damaging and, in some cases, fraudulent treatments, whose intention is to make the diamond appear to be better than it really is. They can be seen in diamonds purchased overseas either on the internet or while on holiday and are often not disclosed at the time of purchase, or if mentioned, slick salesmanship glosses over the true effect (and value) of the treatment.  Fracture filling and laser drilling have been around for many years. The treatments improve the appearance of a lower clarity stone, making it more attractive to the naked eye and lifting the clarity grade to make it more saleable. However, in truth, its value is still that of a low-quality stone. Even under a jeweller’s loupe the process can be detected quite easily. Fracture filling, clarity enhancement, and Yehuda clarity treatment are all terms denoting treatments to disguise an inclusion in the gem. A fracture-filled or laser drilled diamond is worth far less than one of similar appearance that has not been treated. In all such cases, as long as there is disclosure at the point of sale, then at least the customer is aware of it, but too often that important detail is left out.

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