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Engagement Rings in Cherry Hill, NJ: Find Your Dream Ring

Oct 21

When you are looking for the perfect engagement ring in Cherry Hill, NJ, Spivak Jewelers has a wide variety of options to choose from. If you want to make sure that your special someone is happy with their choice, then it's important that they find something in Cherry Hill that makes them feel comfortable and confident in the decision. After all, this is one of the most important decisions they will ever make!

What are the benefits of buying an engagement ring at a jewelry store in Cherry Hill, NJ?

When you buy an engagement ring in Cherry Hill, NJ at a jewelry store, not only are the customer service representatives know about all rings and diamonds available to purchase within their inventory but they will be able to finalize your order quickly. When you go to a jewelry store like Spivak Jewelers, they can do things like engraving the ring for free and provide same-day service. Customers also appreciate how many places will take back an engagement ring if it doesn't work out when buying at a jewelry store in Cherry Hill, NJ.

What is the best time to buy an engagement ring?

The best time to buy an engagement ring at Cherry Hill is when you can save the most money. Buying during season sales or at the end of the month are great times to get discounts on diamonds and other jewelry. If you cannot wait, then try buying pieces that are not currently in style so they will be cheaper until your preferred styles come back into fashion again. That way you can still have a stunning diamond without breaking your bank account!

How do I find my perfect engagement ring style and size?

Affordable engagement rings Cherry Hill come in a variety of different styles, cuts, and sizes. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you're trying on engagement rings: Is the ring too tight or too loose? Too big or small? Try it on your finger! The perfect fit is one that spins perfectly around without getting stuck anywhere along its circumference. A good rule of thumb for sizing is to have about half a millimeter between the inside edge of an engagement ring and your skin so there's room for movement but not much wiggle room.

How much should I spend on my dream wedding band?

You should always spend more than you think. You’ll need to make sure your ring fits her finger perfectly, which means that it needs to be a perfect size! The average engagement rings Cherry Hill set size is between a half and three-quarters of an inch; this will vary according to preference. If you are purchasing online, remember that different diamond cut settings may fit differently on various rings. Be prepared for returns or exchanges if necessary by picking out another gemstone (or setting) ahead of time.

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