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Most Trusted Jewelry Appraisers in Cherry Hill, NJ

Oct 21

If you're in the market for a jewelry appraiser in Cherry Hill, NJ, then look no further. At The Jewelry Appraiser Pros, we offer not only jewelry appraisal services but also other services such as jewelry repair and custom design work. Our team of master jewelers in Cherry Hill, NJ is made up of gemologists and diamond graders who have been working with precious metals for years, so they know what it takes to give you the best value on your purchase or sale.


How to find an appraisal & why do I need one?

Most people don't realize they need to get an appraisal until it's too late. To protect your assets and future, you should always know the value of what you own. If a family heirloom is stolen or lost (or if your home is destroyed in a fire), having access to this information will help you rebuild and recover quickly. Plus, insurance companies typically require documentation for valuable items like jewelry before paying out claims on them - but many people simply don't have these records because their policies were never updated after buying new pieces of jewelry such as engagement rings Cherry Hill over time so there was no reason at all to put such things down on paper!


What to bring when you go for a consultation

Any information about where you got the jewelry from originally (if it's been passed down from family). This will help us give you the most accurate valuation for insurance purposes.In addition to this list, we also recommend that clients bring along their appraisal paperwork when they come in so that we can ensure there are no discrepancies between what was sent over and what’s being brought in person in a jewelry store Cherry Hill for an evaluation. You should also mention any issues with security after picking up jewelry. If you need help with this, call us for Jewelry appraisal services in Cherry Hill, NJ


Why is it important to have your jewelry appraised by a professional?

Jewelry is not as simple as it seems. There are many aspects of the piece that could be vital to its value and history, such as metal type (gold, silver), gemstone types and grades (diamonds) and even stone treatments/enhancements. To make sure you receive a fair appraisal for your jewelry, we recommend working with a professional jeweler Cherry Hill experienced in the field who understands how each component works together to create a whole picture of your item. Your Cherry Hill, NJ jeweler can provide this service for you so nothing gets missed! . When selecting a jewelry appraiser Cherry Hill or best jewelry store Cherry Hill, remember that price should not be the only factor you consider.


Tips on how to care for your jewelry at home and in storage

Store your jewelry in a soft cloth or pouch, and be sure to avoid storing it with other metals as this can cause corrosion. This includes not just silver but also copper, brass, nickel and aluminum alloys, as well as gold, plated items! It is best to keep them separate from each other if you plan on keeping everything for some amount of time. Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia when cleaning your jewelry at home, these are very bad for the metal alloy itself over time. Instead, try using soap and warm water for general light cleanings after wearing it throughout the day, then follow up by polishing gently with an old cotton T-shirt. If there are any tough marks that won't come off, you can use a jewelry-specific cleaner as well. Avoid storing your jewelry in areas with high humidity such as the bathroom, and avoid allowing it to come into contact with soaps or perfumes that might contain alcohol which is very bad for metal over time.


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