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The Best Bead Looms

Nov 6

Beading is a a very popular hobby. It can bring satisfaction both to the beginner and also to the professional taking on the most intricate creative endeavor. In any case, it all depends on the loom you have installed. There are beading looms for both beginners and professionals. In this article, we will share the best beading looms in our opinion.


CLOVER Beading Loom

The loom is really easy to use. It is suitable for all skill levels.
Clover beading loom is adjustable to a variety of sizes from 2-1 / 4 to 8-3 / 8 inches. Changing the spacing between the warp threads allows you to use different sizes of beads.
The kit contains detailed instructions. Several video tutorials will help you learn how to use the loom, even if you are completely new to beading on a loom. Create fantastic accessories with this beading loom.

Ricks Beading Loom

The loom is handcrafted in the USA from high quality wood. You can adjust the frame to your desired length before starting work.
Unlike traditional looms which leave you with multiple warp strings to weave into your design, the Ricks Beading Loom leaves you with only 2 warp threads at the end of your project. 
The loom is suitable for a project just under 12 inches long. Longer projects can be completed by sewing the two sizes of beadwork together.



Cousin Large Traditional Bead Loom kit

This loom has a large working area of 8.5" by 5.6". An even greater length can be obtained with a winding beam.
The kit also includes beads, threads and needles, instructions for weaving several patterns (Aztec styles).


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